Kim Thien Thuy


Kim Thien Thuy Food Processing Factory – An expert in the production of “Salangane’s Nest jar” products meeting ISO standards

-With years of experience as a manufacturer of Salangane’s Nest products in Vietnam

-Production materials are selected and handled properly in accordance with food safety and hygiene procedures.

-Manufacturing factory with full operating license, certification of food safety and hygiene in the field of processing and manufacturing Salangane’s Nest products

– Advanced and modern production line with large scale to meet high demands of all customers.

-A team of officers and employees with years of experience in production, product research…

Especially we always adhere to the “3 nos”:

+ No additives (fillers, coagulants)

+ No fragrance

+ No preservatives.

We always research, consult products and markets to help customers do business most effectively.


Bird Nest Nha Trang Co., Ltd specializes in processing and manufacturing Salangane’s Nest of all kinds and products prepared from Salangane’s Nest with high quality and reputation suitable for customer needs and consumer tastes.

Hotline: 0908.113.426