Kim Thien Thuy


Kim Thien Thuy factory provides salangane’s nest processing services, receives ready-made distilled salangane’s nest on demand & package/label with the company’s brand.

We manufacture by ourselves & control our input materials, to produce high quality products at reasonable prices.

We have modern, high-tech manufacture lines meeting hygiene and safety standards

Exclusive formula, delicious taste, multiple choices



The company has launched nearly 30 products specializing in Salangane’s Nest and ready-made distilled Salangane’s Nest.

  • Ready-made distilled Salangane’s Nest: Salangane’s Nest for children, Salangane’s Nest for dieters, Multi-flavoured Salangane’s Nest, Herbal Salangane’s Nest
  • Salangane’s Nest tea: Thien Loc, Thien Sinh, Yen Nho Instant tea, Milk Tea, Rice Tea.
  • Powdered Salangane’s Nest: Salangane’s Nest coffee, Salangane’s Nest cereal powder, Salangane’s Nest brown rice powder
  • Salangane’s Nest drink: Salangane’s Nest drink 10
  • Capsuled Salangane’s Nest: Thien Xuan Yen


  • 15 years of reputation in Salangane’s Nest industry, gaining dozens of quality awards

  • Certified food safety facilities, ISO 22000_2018 certification, awarded the title of high quality Vietnamese products by the State, Vietnam Golden Globe Award,

  • Obtained US FDA certification for product quality and safe for circulating in the US market.

  • Original ingredients with the best quality
Kim Thiên Thủy
Kim Thiên Thủy

We own more than 12 bird nest houses, possessing the yield & quality of Salangane’s Nest, ensuring the stability of the product’s quality. We are also a supplier of raw ingredients for Salangane’s Nest industry, so all stages related to our products are handled all-in-one for you with the lowest investment cost.

  • Self-contained factory, high technology, large production capacity, qualified for ISO standard.
  • With our traditional distillation recipe combined with a production line of pasteurization technology, qualified for ISO 22000:2018, quality assurance and safety, meeting all your requirements. We own a modern and large-scale production line up to tens of thousands of square meters, capable of meeting all your quantity requirements.
  • We own a secret formula, ensuring an incomparable delicious taste
  • After hundreds of trials, we have come up with a recipe that balances taste and nutrition, producing products with moderate sweetness, suitable for the vast majority of consumers.
  • Flexibility in preparing & creating products, creating competition for brands.
  • The factory has the capacity to prepare Salangane’s Nest combined with other ingredients to produce a variety of products with different flavors, creating distinct options and rich choices for customers.
  • Package as demanded
  • Products are packaged in a variety of configuration: 70ml, 150ml round glass jars and 100ml bottles, or packed according to your specifications.
  • Long product shelf life, easy to store
  • Products are thoroughly inspected for quality before being delivered to customers.
  • Each Salangane’s Nest jar is thoroughly sterilized and vacuumed. So even without preservatives, you can still store the product for 1-2 years.


Best & stable product quality

Large production capacity, reasonable price

Products meet hygiene and food safety standards

Carefully inspected for quality before delivering to customers

We believe that product quality is the core value to consolidate the brand and success for your business.



Head office: Room No. 32-Floor 9-180 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Production facility: Lot B3, Dien Phu Industrial Cluster, Dien Khanh District, Khanh Hoa Province.

Email: [email protected]


Hotline: 0908.113.426