Kim Thien Thuy


is one of the businesses operating in production and sales of products made from high-class Nha Trang Salangane's Nest. From 2014 to present, the company has been operating in production and business, constantly growing, affirming its brand position and trust with customers.

During the current international economic integration, Kim Thien Thuy Co., Ltd. always aims to better meet the standards of human resources, factory equipment, and modern machinery, to meet product quality as quickly as possible.

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In addition, the solidarity and efforts of KIM THIEN THUY's staffs have created a solid foundation for constant development for international integration. Beside, a great motivation for us to constantly grow is the trust and support of our customers and partners throughout the past time, allowing us to perfect ourselves in both expertise and quality.

Kim Thien Thuy Co., Ltd was established on August 9, 2014

Using stable domestic raw ingredients

With preferential policies on human resources, the company is creating stable jobs, ensuring living standards for employees in accordance with the Labor Code.

Train and improve skills for employees

Provide good working conditions and environment for employees as well as taking care of their lives with high income in line with the general situation of the market.

Apply technical methods

In order to improve product quality, save raw materials, lower costs, improve product designs and packaging, increase product varieties in order to meet the ever-expanding consumption market and customer satisfaction.

The company's products are diverse in specifications and quality

Available in most domestic markets. Seminars, consultation and promotion of the Company's products are organized with customers when needed.

Preferential business policies & promotions

KIM THIEN THUY CO., LTD aims to meet the needs, satisfaction of customers and long-term commitment.

The company complies with food safety and quality management system

In compliance with food hygiene and safety laws, ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP Codex principles in production and trading activities of canned Salangane's Nest drink jar.

Years of Experience
Product Type
4440 +
Monthly output
100000 +


At present, KIM THIEN THUY CO., LTD is mainly engaging in manufacturing and trading products made from Salangane's Nest: Ready-made distilled Salangane's Nest soup, Salangane's Nest tea, Salangane's Nest cereal powder, Salangane's Nest coffee, Salangane's Nest biscuits…

24 hours 1

24/7 support, professional consulting team

money 1

Refund if fakes are found, purchase order guaranteed

technology 1

Utilize state-of-the-art technology in the production process

business 1

Provide discount for large purchase orders

Hotline: 0908.113.426